Special Ceremonies at the Church

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“Baptism has many diverse meanings.  Among them is that baptism is a promise.  In the words and water of baptism, God promises love and acceptance to your child.  From now on, your child never needs to wonder about being loved and accepted by God or being part of God’s family.  All this is promised by God, and baptism seals that promise.”  excerpted from Your Child’s Baptism by Ron Cole-Turner

The Congregational Church of Needham baptizes children and adults of all ages.  The ministers currently perform baptisms during the Worship Service. Arrangements can be made with a minister to perform baptisms at other times if that works better for your family.

Please contact the church at 781-444-2510 or office@needhamucc.org to schedule an appointment with one of the ministers to discuss your baptismal plans.

Family Communion Celebration for First and Second Graders

For four Sundays in mid-winter, first and second graders are invited to take part in a communion curriculum during Sunday school when they learn more about the meaning and symbolism of the holy sacrament of communion.  Their efforts are celebrated on the first Sunday of the following month with a special recognition of the children at the worship service when family communion takes place.

Bible Sunday

Kindergarteners and fourth graders receive Bibles during worship in the spring.  The kindergarteners receive an age-appropriate picture Bible that draws them in and helps them become familiar with the stories.  Fourth graders receive an adult Bible that they will have an opportunity to read, refer to and study for the rest of their lives.


What is confirmation?

Our journey as Christians begins in Holy Baptism.  Confirmation is the affirmation of that baptism.  It is part of the larger baptismal process of making disciples, of deepening the journey of faith.  At various times in our lives it is helpful to renew the baptismal covenant that we made with God and with the church, or that was made for us at our baptism.  Confirmation is a time on one’s faith journey to renew baptismal promises. Confirmation is the continuation rather than the beginning of life in the church.

Confirmation at The Congregational Church of Needham takes place during a youth’s freshman year in high school.  Students are paired with adult mentors who are members of the church.  Confirmands and mentors take the Monday night classes together which begin in mid-February and culminate with a confirmation ceremony during worship on Pentecost Sunday in June.  The group meets for dinner and listens and discusses the lesson for the evening.

For more information on confirmation at our church, contact Rev. Heike Werder at revheike@needhamucc.org or 781-444-2510.


Thinking of Becoming a Member of Our Church? Here’s how!
After you have worshipped at our church for a while, you may be interested in becoming a member.   When you join our church, you are strengthening your connection to the church and you are joining a community.  You are telling people around you that this is now your spiritual home.  We welcome you!

If you are interested in becoming a member, please contact Rev. Heike Werder (revheike@needhamucc.org).  she will give you more information on what membership means at our church and also let you know the next date we will be holding a new members ceremony.

Here is a general overview of what happens during the membership process:

1. Every other month, the church holds a new members ceremony in the chapel before worship.
2. New members will tell the ministers how they want to be introduced. The ministers will read this short bio during the new members ceremony.
3.  A short ceremony will take place where the new members are asked to answer a few “yes” and “no” questions about their faith in God.
4. New members will sign a book to indicate they have formally joined our church.
5. We will take pictures of new members for our members’ bulletin board.
6. We then introduce new members during the announcements at the beginning of the worship service that same day.
7. The Membership Team and Deacons host a special new member “Meet and Greet” in the Reception Room after worship.

For a brochure on what it means to become a member in a United Church of Christ church, please contact the church office at office@needhamucc.org or by calling 781-444-2510.