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The Sanctuary and Chapel of The Congregational Church of Needham are ideal locations for weddings. The Church welcomes couples of Christian traditions and backgrounds seeking a Christian service of marriage. A wedding ceremony at the church is an act and celebration of worship, asking the presence and blessing of God.

If you are interested in further details and fees, please contact our office at or call 781-444-2510 to discuss desired date and time of your wedding. You can also arrange a time to meet with one of the ministers of our church who will be presiding over the service.

Couples will work closely with one of the ministers to prepare for their wedding by attending a premarital counseling session. During the session, the minister will guide the couple through the understandings of Christian marriage, the form and shape of the service, and discuss with the couples their understanding of what marriage means. Wedding services may be jointly officiated by a minister of The Congregational Church and another clergy member if so requested by the couple.

In keeping with the musical tradition of our church, our organist is ready and prepared to help the couple with the selection of appropriate music for before, during and after the wedding service. The organist can also be helpful in arranging for vocal soloist and instrumentalists.

The Fellowship Hall may be used for your reception. There is no charge for the use of the rooms and kitchen facilities for members of the church, except for the custodian fee. The church requests that no confetti, rice or rose petals be used on church property, and no alcoholic beverages may be served.

As an Open and Affirming Church, we recognize and honor the equal rights of all people including their legal right for individuals to marry the person of their choice. Therefore we are committed to offering all couples these rights and privileges. We are committed to working with all couples to create wedding celebrations that are personal and joyful!