Lay Leadership

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Officers of the Church

The Church Bylaws identify the officers of the church. They are a Moderator, a Clerk, a Treasurer, and a Collector. Officers are elected for one-year terms at each Annual Meeting.

Church Moderator: Jacqueline Allen
email: moderator(at)
The Moderator serves as Chairperson of the Board and presides over the Board and at all Congregational meetings.

Clerk: Jane Brand
email: clerk(at)
The Clerk gives notice, as hereinafter provided, of business meetings of the church, and keeps minutes or records of all such meetings. With the assistance of church staff, the Clerk causes to be kept records of the reports of officers, the Board, and Committees of the Congregation.

Treasurer: Jennifer Connors
email: treasurer(at)
The Treasurer has custody of all funds of the church and of all documents relating to the finances of the church (including trust funds and documents relating thereto). The Treasurer keeps accurate and complete books of account with respect to such funds

Collector: Connie Kaufman (assisted by Diana Conroy & Deborah Baldwin)
email: collector(at)
The Collector is responsible for receiving all money collected for the church operating funds (as opposed to endowment or trust funds).

Board and Committees

The Board and four Committees of the Congregation are established by the Bylaws. Members are elected to staggered three-year terms at each Annual Meeting.

email: board(at) (includes the Ministers)
boardonly(at) (does not include the Ministers)
The Board is responsible for all financial, business, real estate, and legal matters of the Church, including the Endowment. The Moderator serves as Chairperson.

  • Members whose term expires in 2019: Jim Conroy, Dianne Rees, Kristin Mollerus
  • Members whose term expires in 2020: Howard Sesso, Kenneth Allen, Amanda Angel, Barbra Morton
  • Members whose term expires in 2021: Craig Morrison, Scott Lively, Amy Hurley

email: emaildeacons(at) (includes the Ministers)
emaildeaconsonly(at) (does not include the Ministers)
The Deacons are the spiritual lay leaders of the church. They work with the Senior Minister and Associate Minister(s) in the care of the spiritual welfare of the church and its Members.

  • Members whose term expires in 2019: Rick Devereux, Dibby Moder, Scott Stewart, Carol Miller, Jean Veigas
  • Members whose term expires in 2020: Kevin Blume, Paul Brown, Jane Clayton-Matthews, Sue Cotton, Lucy Slosser
  • Members whose term expires in 2021: Jim Ruetenik, Phil Gotwals, KM Abraham, Patty Morrison, Janet Rubenstein

Christian Education Committee
email: ChristianEd(at)
The Committee, in consultation with the Minister(s) and the Board, with the assistance of the Director of Educational Ministries, provides for and administers a diversified Christian education program for the church, and administers the budget of the church school and Christian Education program as set by the Board.

  • Members whose term expires in 2019: Trish Marinilli, Caryl Johnson, Rob Dunlavey
  • Members whose term expires in 2020: CiCi Hunt, Rachel Busby, Joy Brewer
  • Members whose term expires in 2021: Kirby Salerno

Youth Committee
The Youth Committee, in conjunction with the Associate Minister and the Board, with the assistance of the Director of Youth Ministries, has responsibility for the ministry to youth (i.e., junior and senior high school students) of the church.

  • Members whose term expires in 2019: Dave Johnson, Philip Hardebeck
  • Members whose term expires in 2020: Allison Atallah, Katy Dirks
  • Members whose term expires in 2021:Amanda Allgood.

Outreach Committee
Coordinates and oversees all outreach work of the church, acts as a clearinghouse for information on outreach activities of different church groups, and provides information to the church on funding and volunteer opportunities

  • Members whose term expires in 2019: Bill Rees, Fred Moder, Hiroko Hardebeck
  • Members whose term expires in 2020: Carol Brown, Mi Herzog, Tom Mollerus
  • Members whose term expires in 2021: Lynn Gotwals*, Connie Kaufmann

Additional Committees and Teams

Additional committees and teams are established by the Board.

Environmental Ministries Team (EMT)
email: emt(at)
The EMT leads efforts to help members strive to be stewards of God’s creation by informing, transforming and living the “green” way. The team offers educational opportunities, and promotes ideas that encourage people to live on God’s earth in harmony with all creatures. The team also works on the implementation of “Green Congregation” action steps as defined by the Mass Conference in our church community and building.
Co-chairs: Anne Hayek & Isabel Wells

Finance Team
email: FinanceTeam (at)
The Finance Team supports the Board in overseeing the Church’s financial affairs. The Team oversees the investment of the endowment fund. It develops annual budgets for review and approval by the Board and the Congregation, and tracks expenses against the budget.
Chair: Jim Conroy

Guatemala Partnership Team
email: bmetzler7(at)
The team oversees the Church’s relationship with its Guatemalan partner village, Santa Maria Tzeja.
Chairs: Brenda Metzler, Alan Clayton-Matthews, Bill Garrett, Caryl Johnson

Music Team
The Music Team works together with the Director of Music Ministries and the Director of Youth Music to enable, grow, and develop the Church’s music programs.
Chair: Lynn McClelland

Open and Affirming Team (ONA)
email: ona(at)
The ONA Ministry Team assists the church to live its promise of full inclusion of all people in all aspects of church life and ministry – people of every race, gender identity and expression, age, sexual orientation, ability and economic circumstance. The Team creates programming and communication on all aspects of the ONA covenant. The church adopted its ONA covenant in February 2000.
Chair: Kathie Carpenter

Parish and Pastoral Relations Committee (PPRC)
email: pprc(at)
The PPRC is a pilot program established by the Board and Deacons for 2015. The Committee seeks to support and maintain an open and healthy relationship between the pastoral staff and members of the congregation.
(Do not use email to discuss sensitive information. Use the email list pprc(at) to establish contact with the committee and to set up appointments for meetings or phone calls. The ministers are not included on the email list.)
Members: Diana Conroy, Fred Moder and Tom Mollerus.