Capital Campaign 2014

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Why are we making renovations?
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Progress in 2015
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Every day, our church makes a difference in the world.

On Sunday, up to 350 people join in our church services, go to classes and participate in meetings. Throughout the week, our church building hosts adult education, cancer and adult transition support groups, community dinners, local meetings, weddings, baptisms and funerals.

And through all this, we put our covenant into action and engage in the world.

Our covenant has a bold and noble vision. Our building needs to reflect that vision:

  • We envision a church where people are welcome – and they know it and feel it.
  • We envision a community where people are good stewards of the earth.
  • We envision a faith rooted in the Biblical traditions but relevant today.
  • We inherited a church from people who believed in the future. Now we have a chance to build a church for our children and for theirs.

The “Building the Future” renovations present a vision for the Congregational Church Of Needham we think you’ll find exciting and inspiring.

We’re committing to raise over $2.75 million to make all this happen. This sounds like a lot, but through the generosity of a few donors, we are already on our way. We will need your commitment to help make this vision a reality.

We are a church centered around the values in our covenant. Our church building is an expression of those values. As we conduct our capital campaign, please give your prayerful consideration to our church, what it means to you and the difference it makes in the world today. Join us in making this vision a reality through your generous support.

Together, as a community of faithful people, we can make this vision a reality.
Contact the church office at with any questions.

Progress in 2015

Phase I – Renovations of our new administrative space at 1180 Great Plain Avenue – has been completed and, even with the addition of a few unplanned changes, the renovation was completed within the originally budgeted amount.

Phase II – The church is currently in the planning and discussion process with a temporary tenant for the rear portion of the 1180 Great Plain Avenue building. Phase II will encompass renovations to that portion of the building to accommodate the new tenant and begin to prepare the space for our use once the tenant moves out in 2016. The Board has begun to solicit input in the form of a Request For Proposals(RFP) from the congregation. Members of the congregations are encouraged to submit proposals for what they would like to see the church accomplish with that space. Please contact the office at 781-444-2510 or for more information.

Phase III – The Construction committee is currently discussing our options for Phase III renovations on our Church building. There is a “wish list” of items that is currently under consideration with handicapped accessibility being at the top of the list. This phase has a tentative start date of July 1, 2015.

Why did the Chapel floor have to come up? The Chapel is currently undergoing a separate renovation project not connected to the Capital Campaign but running concurrently. This winter, the Chapel received a new hardwood floor and we are preparing to paint the room and install new lighting.

Windows in the Sanctuary – In October, 2013 we replaced all the windows in the sanctuary. Already our church is warmer and quieter. We look forward to lower heat bills all winter, too.

Fundraising Update
The church has received about $2 million in pledges and gifts from members of the church. The Board has allocated $200,000 to the Capital Campaign from the unexpected additional proceeds from the sale of the parsonage.
We need to continue fund-raising approximately $500,000 so that we can afford the current plan – $2.75 million. We currently have about $2.25 million allocated for this project.